Give your world a sonic fingerprint with unique live instrumental recording

Guaranteed an industry level quality of mixing and mastering

Experienced using Fmod/Wwise and implementing into UE4 & Unity.

Fast and professional. Gain the trust of a composer with an undying passion for games.

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Email: KFrostMU@gmail.com

Discord: KFrost #3324

Skype and CV available upon request.

I also have my own desginated Discord Channel, link also available upon request.



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Kieron Frost is a game audio specialist versatile in a wide variety of musical aspects from composing and performing to sound designing, live recording and production.

Achieved Distinction in Music Performance at Access Creative College while simultaneously being awarded Distinction in Grade 8 Music Production. Then leveling up to studying the unique undergraduate degree in Music Composition and Technology for Film and Games.

Began performing as a bass player until being introduced to music technology;

Shortly realised then that their enjoyable obsession for video games and composing music would be their ultimate goal.

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Contact Me

Email: KFrostMU@gmail.com    


Discord: KFrost#3324  


Twitter: @KFrostMU